31 Day Blog Prompt Challenge Day 11

Day 11: A photo that makes you laugh.

I’ve done really well taking pictures of Coraline every day so far this year. Getting them uploaded to my Flickr account is another story. In taking all these pictures, I’m always amazed at the range of expressions she makes. From shy smiles to Scrunchie Face© (her trademark, on-demand expression) to coy looks to hamming it up, she covers all the bases. For some reason, though, this is the picture that makes me laugh every time I look at it. It’s not that unusual an expression for Coraline, it’s just so not Coraline.  I took this at bedtime one night while she sat in the chair in her room. It’s like she decided to channel an indecisive, aloof old man in a diner or something. Rich and I agree we have no idea why she made this face. We also agree that we love her face, no matter what the expression.

"What can I say?" (3/11/12)


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  1. Bea Moreno

    Picture of contentment!!

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