31 Day Blog Prompt Challenge Day 21

Day 21: Something you love about yourself.

My warped sense of humor. It comes through better in person than it does in my writing, believe me. A lot of telling believable stories has to do with delivery. Which is why I have friends who believe Rich and I met in a police lineup, that Rich is my fifth husband, that I’ve been arrested, that I really did need my resume updated for a new career in “circus trapezery,” and so on. I also enjoy engaging in silly physical comedy when the mood strikes me, like the night I happened to find these very long ribbons and wordlessly did a goofy ribbon dance around the living room, much to Rich’s surprise. Being able to still surprise Rich like that after all these years is a badge of honor for me. Well, that and when he lovingly calls me “so weird.” Gotta keep the spouse on his toes, you know.

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