Product Review: Maple Holistics Tea Tree Special Formula Shampoo

Full disclosure: I was mailed a bottle of this shampoo to try out and review. I was not compensated in any other way and the opinions expressed here are mine, all mine.

Late last year, after 13+ years of blogging, the unthinkable happened: I was contacted and asked if I’d like the chance to write a product review. The company that contacted me is called Maple Holistics. I of course Googled them and was pleasantly surprised to read on their About page that in addition to being natural, their products are also cruelty-free. For as long as I can remember, any time I’ve tried a new beauty product I’ve verified that it’s cruelty-free. Organic and natural is a bonus, but if I can’t confirm that a product has not been tested on animals, that’s a dealbreaker for me. This shampoo — and the company itself — fits in perfectly with the type of beauty products I like to use on a day-to-day basis.

I was excited to try the Tea Tree Special Formula Shampoo. First, because it was for my first-ever product review. Second, it smelled really good. And third, because it’s what I would categorize as a “fancy” shampoo. I haven’t indulged in a good “fancy” shampoo in ages, instead using a workhorse shampoo and conditioner on a daily basis. I had definitely fallen into a rut regarding my hair-care regimen.

"Fancy" Shampoo

Maple Holistics Tea Tree Special Formula Shampoo

Per the instructions on the bottle, when using the shampoo I would let it sit for a few minutes instead of rinsing it out right away. It smells divine, but is a bit more subtle and not at all overwhelming the way other tea tree shampoos can be. This shampoo will indulge your olfactory senses without making your eyes water. After letting it sit for a bit, I would rinse and then use my workhorse conditioner as I did not have the corresponding Maple Holistics conditioner. Even not using the matching conditioner, my hair felt and looked better than it had in a long, long time. The fancy shampoo had worked its magic in that it revitalized my hair — my waves were softer, more defined, and, I thought, prettier than they’d been in a long, long time. My hair also felt light, not at all weighed down since the shampoo is all natural — no chemicals, including no sulfates.

Wavy hair

My waves post-shampoo. I did *not* add styling product so you could see my hair au naturale. Also, I can’t fight the humidity we’ve had here lately.

Do I recommend Maple Holistics Tea Tree Special Formula Shampoo? Without reservation. I actually ordered myself another bottle — and the matching conditioner — since I liked it so much. Bonus: For a holistic, natural, cruelty-free product (made in the U.S., to boot), the shampoo and conditioner are reasonably priced and won’t break the bank. I will use it every few days so I can truly indulge in that “special” shampoo feeling as I alternate with my regular shampoo and conditioner. I also plan on trying out some of Maple Holistics’ other products down the line, too.

I’d like to thank my Maple Holistics contact, Hayley, for letting me take my time to get to use and enjoy the shampoo. If you’ve read my blog lately, you know that right after the holidays my little one got pretty sick. I wasn’t doing much other than taking care of him, and certainly not writing any blog posts. I owed it to Hayley and the product to take the right time to write an honest review. So many thanks for her patience and for sending me some pretty nice shampoo to indulge myself with.

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