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The Birthday Boy and the Ballerina

Song Lyric of the Day:

I just want you to dance with me tonight / So come on, oh baby / I just want you to dance with me tonight

Olly Murs / “Dance With Me Tonight

Tuesday night Rich, Coraline, and I celebrated Rich’s 40th birthday. It was a tiny celebration, just our little family, with a bigger celebration planned for the weekend. But we had to mark Rich’s big day on the day of. I made sure to preorder a German chocolate (Rich’s favorite) torte, since birthday cake at a birthday party is sacrosanct to Coraline, and we couldn’t have a devastated 3-year-old bringing down Rich’s birthday. And did I mention that German chocolate is Rich’s favorite? Coraline also insisted on having themed plates because, again, those are absolutely necessary for a birthday. I managed to find some Justice League plates to satisfy Rich’s request for Superman (he politely passed on Coraline’s suggestions of Woody or Buzz plates) and mismatched Avengers napkins since that was what was in stock. When Coraline and I picked up the cake, we also got a Mylar balloon that said “Happy Birthday” on it (she wanted to be traditional), a balloon which is now being moved around our upstairs by one very happy, oddball tabby cat. Coraline and I sang the birthday song, we tore into that cake, and Rich opened his presents.  All in all, I think it was a nice little celebration with just the three of us.

Can you tell who was most excited to be celebrating Rich's birthday?

Can you tell who was most excited to be celebrating Rich’s birthday?

Rich and Coraline pose for a birthday photo.

Rich and Coraline pose for a birthday photo.

Last night was a big night for Coraline (and us as well): her first ballet class. Technically it was a tap/ballet/creative movement/gymnastic class, since dance studios’ ballet season doesn’t begin until August. But to Coraline, it was all about the ballet; she’s been asking to take classes for months and now she’s finally old enough.

Ready to head to her first ballet class

Ready to head to her first ballet class

Of course, being old enough to take ballet doesn’t guarantee her paying attention to the teacher, which was a given. Despite her squirrelly attention span, though, she gave it her enthusiastic all. Plus, she was absolutely adorable to watch, as were her classmates — bright tutus everywhere.

Tap shoes on and ready to dance

Tap shoes on and ready to dance

Coraline enjoyed the class so much that she was actually pissed off when it ended and we told her it was time to leave. She sat down with her back to us, crossed her arms, and sulked. She brightened considerably when we told her she could go again. Now Rich and I just need to figure out which class schedule will work best for us.

Practicing making some noise with her tap shoes

Practicing making some noise with her tap shoes

At the end of each day, I ask Coraline what her favorite part of her day was. Some days it’s playing outside at daycare, others it’s hanging out with her grandma, doing artwork, or riding the train at the mall. Last night when I asked her that question, she smiled and said simply, “Ballet.”


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Meat on a Stick, Motorcycle-Riding Moms, Family Time, & a Non-Napping Baby

Song Lyric of the Day:
No, I won’t change / Another thing / I cracked the bell / I tried to ring / A scissor runner stole my heart

This weekend was packed, the kind of busy that has me wishing today was a day off just so I could recover. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Friday night Rich and I went to Brazeiros Churrascaria, a Brazilian steakhouse that opened a few months ago, to celebrate our 11th wedding anniversary. Talk about eating your fill. The concept is basically that you have a little circle card, one side red, one side green, and you flip it over to get started. Once you have it green side up, you can start with the unlimited salad bar. Then sides are brought to you: carmelized bananas, cheese bread, garlic mashed potatoes, and crispy polenta. The real fun begins when they start bringing the meat. Good lord, the meat. Brought out by gaucho chefs, there are about a dozen different types of meat, ranging from leg of lamb to sausage to sirloin to filet mignon to chicken breast wrapped in bacon — lots of meat. You turn the card back over so it’s red side up when you need a break or, in my case, fear you might vomit from eating so much. Seriously — I ate for almost an hour straight. I’m still full and it’s three days later. I really think I ate my own weight in meat. You get the drift. Aside from a great restaurant experience and a wonderful date night with the hubby, I got my belated 10th anniversary gift, to boot. Behold my anniversary ring:


The service at Brazeiros was fantastic, too. I made a point to tell the manager on duty how great all our gaucho chefs were — they made a point to come back to me with well-done meat whenever something wasn’t as cooked as I would’ve liked. Now that’s good customer service.

Saturday afternoon was spent with the family celebrating our nephew Stephen’s second birthday party at his Grandma Jane and Grandpa Bruce’s house.

Coraline made friends with Grandma Jane:

New friends
Stephen’s favorite one of our gifts to him was the little basketball:
Still flushed from playing outside
The Big Gift was Stephen’s very own Ford F150, complete with personalized plates:
Sweet ride
The Big Gift led to a carjacking by cousin Elliott, with Stephen giving chase:
Vanessa tries to stop Elliott as Stephen runs behind yelling, “Stop! Stop!”
And my mom fulfilled a lifelong wish and got to go for a ride on Bruce’s motorcycle:
That’s actually my dad with mom, not Bruce. And Michael’s the one who took her for a spin. Got that?
Rich and I managed to have a quiet moment with the birthday boy:
It’s a Stephen sandwich!
Then last night we had a very last-minute, impromptu dinner at our house with my father-in-law, Papa Doug, Rich’s sister, Kirsten, and our brother-in-law Chris (Momma Carol’s in Iowa right now). I made turkey arrabiata lasagna for the main course and a marble pistachio cake for dessert, complete with ice cream on the side.
Coraline lounges in Uncle Chris’s arms while Auntie Kirsten looks on.
Oh, as for the non-napping baby, Coraline was awake on Saturday from about 9:15AM until 7:30PM. She dozed maybe 20 minutes in the car after Stephen’s party and refused to nap at all once home. I’m pretty sure that’s her new personal record for hours spent awake. Stubborn, stubborn child. Wonder where she gets it from …

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