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31 Day Blog Prompt Challenge Day 13

Day 13: How you relax.

Relax? Reee-lax? Am I pronouncing that correctly? That should tell you how often I relax and how good I am at it. When I do attempt to relax, it usually involves me stretched out on the couch like a slug catching up on recorded shows on the DVR.  I’m pretty sure in a former life I was a potato; in this one, I just happen to be a couch potato. And most of the time when I do stop working on whatever I’m doing around the house, it’s usually on the spouse’s orders. He’ll actually sneak around to catch me if I’m trying to work when I should be relaxing. It’s not always easy quieting this scattered, multitasking noggin of mine. But some days I do manage to do just that. I could get to much more done if I only had a clone.

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