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31 Day Blog Prompt Challenge Day 28

Day 28: If someone gave you $1,000 to spend on YOURSELF, what would you buy?

Bzzzzzzzzzzzzt! Sorry, that was my drool shorting out my laptop keyboard. One thousand dollars? To spend on myself? Lawdy, I have no idea. Last time I spent that kind of money on myself was when I saved up in 2009 for my solo vacation at the Toronto International Film Festival (I paid for everything for that trip with good old-fashioned cash). My most recent splurge? A Coach wallet to go with the Coach purse my parents gave me for Christmas; I paid nowhere near the $218 retail price thanks to the outlet store. But $1000? Maybe I’d take another solo vacation. More likely, though, I’d update the hell out of my wardrobe — I still have and wear pieces I’ve had since high school and college. I’d say I’m due for a complete wardrobe overhaul at this point, wouldn’t you?

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