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What to Do, What to Do and MyWaste of MySpace

Song Lyric of the Day:

And of the years that rolled by / Yeah some were so good / But now I know that / You were the coward / The holes in your soul / In tatters for all these years


My 33 Days of Pattie item for today? Emailing some friends I haven’t kept in touch with lately and reconnecting with ones who’ve found me via MySpace. Because, as you know, I’m horrible with email. Better than I am when it comes to phoning people, but still.

After a year of MySpacedom, exactly four people from high school have found me. Four. Besides being a lemming, reconnecting with former classmates was my primary reason for signing up. Templates that make my eyes bleed, creepy people who want to be my “friend” (just say no, kids!), countless bulletins, the ads — oh, the ads — and all because I refuse to pay for Classmates.com. (“Hi, Patricia! 82 people have searched for you lately. Want to find out who? Then pony up the dough, bitch!”) So in lieu of actually reconnecting with people I used to know, I’ve now decided to use my MySpace page primarily for evil: collecting celebrity “friends.” Although a few of them have been nice enough to respond to brief messages (a congrats on an Emmy nomination, asking for the stalking charges to be dropped — you get the idea), which is nice.

I’m one of those people who actually checks out profiles before deciding to add someone as a “friend”; I’m not a collector. And, boy, have I turned down some weirdos. But, hey, to each their own, right? At least I can count lots of local bands and published(!) authors among my “friends.” I figure why not help local bands out with the added exposure? Although I do scrutinize their profiles like anyone else’s and listen to their music; I’ve turned down some bands with songs containing lyrics that cross even my admittedly liberal line.

While MySpace is a harmless enough diversion for me (when I bother to check in), I don’t get why it’s a hardcore addictive habit for some people I know (ahem). Then again, I’ve never been wired exactly the same as everyone else. Which is just fine by me.

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Song Lyric of the Day:

I’m retracing every step in my head / What did I miss back then? / I was so, so misled

Rooney / “When Did Your Heart Go Missing?

I killed two birds with one stone today. I’ve been wanting to take some of the Mac tutorials at West Town Mall’s Apple store and I’m indulging in the 33 Days of Pattie. So what to do? Attend the .Mac tutorial over lunch. My only classmate was a 70-year-old Frenchman. (“You can log in from anywhere? Tres bien!“) Now I feel much more confident about what .Mac can do and, more importantly, that I can get the most bang for my buck out of it. Which makes the hubby very, very happy. Now to back everything up on iDisk.

After a year, I’m pretty confident and comfortable with my MacBook, but I can certainly stand to develop a better appreciation for how to use its programs for maximum benefit. When it comes to technology, I have the patience of Dick Cheney on a quail hunt, which is something I really need to work on. Of course, I also seem to have some crazy gift for making technology turn on me. I’ve actually gotten the blue screen of death on my MacBook a few times, and that’s supposed to be a physical impossiblity; the husband is less than amused by my technological prowess. So if you see me heading your way while you’re working on a computer, be sure to save your work, and do it quickly. Because chances are, when I end up standing right next to you, your computer’s gonna go keyboard-up.

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The 33 Days of Pattie

Song Lyric of the Day:

Sometimes / You picture me / I’m walking / Too far ahead

Quietdrive / “Time After Time

I officially kicked off The 33 Days of Pattie on Thursday, exactly 33 days before my birthday (September 17). I figure I’m going to be a palindrome this year, so why not? I’m not doing anything particularly special, maybe just doing something all for me one day or trying something new the next. So what have I done so far?

Thursday: Declared the start of The 33 Days of Pattie and got ideas from friends (take macro photos, skydive (uh, maybe next year), go skinny dipping (not bloody likely)
Friday: Deleted the last 13 unwatched episodes of
Prison Break off TiVo (I figure someone has to buy the season two set for my birthday)
Saturday: Tried pineapple on pizza for the first time — and liked it; took pictures of and from the Gay Street Bridge downtown for the first time ever
Sunday (today): Bought books for my soldiers in Afghanistan for the next round of care packages; excavated the long bureau in my bedroom

Feel free to make suggestions. Within reason, of course. You can send the illegal ones directly to me via email.

Other than deciding to try to really enjoy my birthday this year, I haven’t been up to a whole lot since I last updated. Basically, I watched my dogs come down from their two-day high of puppysitting Willow, worked, saw Rich off on his second solo vacation, and gave in and went to the doctor about the hot flash/overheating problem I’ve been dealing with. The good news: It’s not early onset menopause. (Hearing the words “early ovarian failure” spoken aloud by my doctor really trivialized all my bravado joking that I might actually be heading into early onset menopause. I may not want a kid right now, but I’m pretty sure I will in a couple of years.) The bad news: Blood tests didn’t show anything else, so we still don’t know what’s causing this. This morning, as I was gathering books in our guest bedroom to take to McKay’s, I got so overheated I threw up. So I think I need to call my doctor again tomorrow.

As I mentioned, Rich went on his second solo vacation of the year. He and some friends hit up GenCon in Indianapolis. So what did I do while he was gone? Friday I worked from home, but the evening was a wash thanks to a migraine. You know — one of those really fun ones where every step you take hurts and blinking is excruciating.

Yesterday I met Caren and Kelley at Tomato Head on Market Square for lunch. I have to say, they really do have the best gourmet pizza in town. After lunch, we checked out the Farmers’ Market (it runs through November), browsed the local shops, and made our way to Gay Street. I was happy to see Yee-Haw Industries was open — it’s never open when Rich and I are down there. Caren suggested we check it out, and we were all glad we did — not only does the shop sell prints of its vintage-style posters, postcards, calendars, etc., but the owner, Kevin, let us walk around and explore the shop. I took a bunch of photos, of course. As much as I enjoyed looking around, I can only imagine how much Rich will enjoy exploring it when he gets a chance, as he loves print and graphic design. Now I just need to get frames for the Cat in Space and Dog in Space cards I bought.

After hitting Mast General Store, we called it a day. I then spent a quiet evening home with the kids, watching the pilot episode of Flash Gordon (LOVE the high-def channels), and actually enjoying it. I’ve already set up the season pass on TiVo. Of course, it doesn’t hurt one bit that Flash Gordon himself, Eric Johnson, is quite pretty in high-def. Rowr.

Today, I started the day off with a bang by vomiting (see above). I felt well enough to go ahead and hit McKay’s as planned, only to discover that their prices have increased even more since my last visit. I’m sorry — $4.95 for a used paperback? No thanks. I ended up getting some really great deals at Hargreaves Books instead, so my soldiers are still going to get some books (including new paperbacks for only $3.99).

After lunch with Tamara and Jamie, I came home, where I’ve been on a laundry-cleaning-organizational-bureau-excavating bender ever since.

Rich should be home any minute now, so I’m going to wrap this up for the night.

And those are the latest haps.


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