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What’s My Motivation? OR More Workout Music

Song Lyric of the Day:

You are my only / You won’t be lonely / Even if the sky is falling down / You’ll be my only / No need to worry / Baby, are you down, down, down, down, down?

Jay Sean (featuring Lil Wayne) / “Down

The weekend was a busy one, filled with small home improvement projects, errand-running, and copious coughing and nose blowing. Apparently, my lungs and sinuses are such fantastic hosts to viruses that the bronchitis is hanging on by a thread, holding on for dear life. Needless to say, it’s annoying the shit out of me. (I actually feel fine despite what the wheezy cough sounds like.)

And speaking of getting healthy, guess who fell off the fitness wagon? Hell, my husband tumbled to the ground same time I did. So now we both need to get motivated to start working out again. And we were doing so well for a while … At least the Bronchitis Diet helped me inadvertently shed a few pounds. Nothing like coughing your lungs up to kill your appetite.

Like I wrote a while back, music is a huge motivator for me when it comes to working out. (Well, that and my pants buttons cutting of my circulation.) I typically try to pick fast-paced, upbeat songs, but sometimes I’ll just settle for fast-paced. The last few times I managed to do my workouts, these were some of the songs egging me on.

“More Human Than Human” by White Zombie
Yes, I listen to White Zombie. I like what I like.
And really, what could motivate you to work out more than Rob Zombie yelling “more human than human” at you over and over and over? (I also work out to “Thunder Kiss ’65“). I liked this song when I first heard it wayyyy back in the day, but I credit HBO and a certain True Blood promo for putting it back on my playlist. (This song would totally be on my Songs That Make Me Want to Beat the Hell Out of Someone playlist, were I ever to make one.)

“Bleed It Out” by Linkin Park
No workout playlist of mine would be complete without at least one song by Linkin Park. “Bleed It Out” fits the bill perfectly. Fast-paced with aggressive (but not menacing) lyrics, this is great when you’re legs are on fire on the treadmill.

“That’s Not My Name” by The Ting Tings
Along with Linkin Park, this is one of my favorite groups. Pretty much all of The Ting Tings’ fast-paced songs are fun enough to be on my workout playlist (and most of them are); I just happen to think “That’s Not My Name” is one of their most fun. Admittedly, my puppy has something to do with this being featured here — this is one of the songs to which Troubadour enjoys “dancing” with me between sets.

“Aciiid” by Jem

Jem’s album Down to Earth turned out to be a real treasure trove of great, unique music (each song has its own distinct sound). I originally picked it up because I kept hearing about her and well, then I found it on sale for $7.99 at Target. It’s been one of my most-listened to albums since. “Aciiid” is a prime example of how diverse she can be when compared to other songs on the album. Really, though, any song with the lyrics Move to the left / move to the right / up, down, round now /hands to the side / shake it to the left / shake it to the right / let me see you move girl / dance all night” was destined to be on my workout playlist.

“Poker Face” by Lady Gaga
You’d think that after hearing “Poker Face” about a million times since its release that I’d be sick of it. You’d be mistaken. If anything, I love this song more every time I hear it because I know from experience how much more fun this makes any workout. It doesn’t matter if I’m booking it on the treadmill, doing crunches, or lifting kettlebells — this song makes it all so much more fun.

What’s on your workout playlist?

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Monday Snowy Monday

Song Lyric of the Day:

Because when I arrive / I, I’ll bring the fire / Make you come alive / I can take you higher

Kevin Rudolf
(featuring Lil Wayne) / “Let It Rock

Despite having early dentist appointments this morning, today was a relaxing day off spent at home. Since we got up earlier for the appointments than we do even on workdays, we crawled back into bed as soon as we got home. By then, it was snowing pretty steadily, a lazy, wet snow. Even though we know there’s hardly ever any chance of having a genuine snow day that gets work canceled, we let our inner kids hope, especially since this is the most snow we’ve seen since moving back to Knoxville. Rich ended up giving up on napping in order to let the puppy out to play. Me, I popped in earplugs, did my best to tune out the sound of running, yapping dogs playing right above my bedroom, and slept until about noon.

Caleb, being the gentle priss that he is, has gone out as little as possible today, lest his dainty paws touch cold snow. Troubadour, on the other hand, has gone out repeatedly and even ate some snow off the deck. Meanwhile, their parents have puttered around the house dressed like Eskimos and wrapping themselves in blankets whenever downstairs on the couch. What can I say? Our old souls get cold easily (okay, that, and we turned the heat down a couple of degrees to help with energy costs).

I like that President-Elect Obama declared today a day of service in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I think it’s a great way to honor the memory of someone who helped pave the way for Obama to make history himself. As for my “day” of service, I’ve been attending Relay for Life meetings since November and am serving on the committee for the first time for the 2009 event. Raising funds to fight cancer is how I try to contribute to society; this will be my sixth year participating, my fourth as a team captain. (You can make a donation now for the 2009 Relay.)

A news clip today of a reporter interviewing locals about the snow truly brought a smile to my face. The reporter asked a little boy what he thought about the snow, and he replied that he thought since today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day that it’s a lucky thing that it’s snowing because it’s lucky to have snow on your day. What a sweet, pure thought if ever there was one.

The view from our driveway today.

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