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Photoblogging: More Snow

We finally got some real snow here on Monday. And by real snow I mean about 4″ here at my house. This is the most snow I’ve seen in the 5 1/2 years we’ve been back in Knoxville.
Snowy backyard 1
Snowy backyard 2
The dogs’ pawprints were almost immediately covered up again by snow.
Birds on the snowy sunroom skylight — I thought Buster’s head was going to explode watching them.
Neighborhood kid running down our street
Snow-covered branches
Next to the driveway

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Snowbound (Day 2)

Song Lyric of the Day:
We need more lovin’ / We need more money, they say / Change is gonna come, like the weather / They say forever, they say / So baby, in between / Notice the blue skies / Notice the butterflies / Notice me

Today is the second day Rich, Coraline, and I are snowbound. That big snow predicted for the other day? We got a measly 1 1/2″ at our house. Now, the snow that fell Sunday night into Monday morning? That dumped 4″ on us here at our house and kept us indoors all day. Enough snow fell across Knoxville that work called a snow day for the first time in my almost five years with the company, news which had me as giddy as the kids of Knox County (who don’t have school again today) undoubtedly were, too. Other than taking care of Coraline, you know what I did all day? I napped. That’s it. (And that’s why there wasn’t a Snowbound {Day 1} post.) Took care of Miss Baby and napped under my Slanket. Pretty good day, I have to say.
As of right now, work is scheduled to open at 10:30AM today, but Rich and I can’t safely get out of our neighborhood, so we’ll be working from home. When you can’t see the road in front of your house for all the snow, live at the top of a big hill, and no one in your neighborhood has come or gone since Sunday evening, you’re pretty much stuck. (And neither the Tundra nor the Xterra has four-wheel drive.)

Rich and I get along pretty well when stuck together at home like this. However, if we can’t get out tomorrow, pay attention. If you start seeing posts here that seem to have been written in tongues (or by the pets) or photos that look like stills from Dawn of the Dead or “All work and no play make Pattie go crazy” typed over and over and over, you’ll know we’ve finally snapped and finally developed cabin fever.

*I’m going to try to post some snow pics later today, but for some reason iPhoto is not displaying the latest uploaded photos. Why? Because technology hates me, that bitch.

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Snowpocalypse Nowish and Barfy Boots

Song Lyric of the Day:

Let the time time pass / ‘Cause we’re never getting old

Enrique Iglesias (featuring Pitbull) / “I Like It”

We here in Knoxville and the surrounding areas are waiting for this alleged big snow that’s heading our way. I say alleged because, as anyone who lives here knows, the forecast changes almost hour-to-hour when you live in the Tennessee Valley. It’s always a given that the Smokies will get snow, but for the rest of us it’s almost always a crapshoot. The forecast is calling for anywhere from 2-5″ falling here in Knoxville. I’ll believe it when I see it. And photoblog it again if I do (El Troubacabra loves playing in the snow, and I love photographing him in it.)

Of course, just to be safe, I need to throw my water-resistant boots in the wash tonight so they’ll be ready to wear; they’re these cute Ralph Lauren Polo Sport boots I bought on clearance at DSW in Virginia Beach a few years ago. You see, when I went outside the other day to take pictures of that snow, I made it maybe two feet into the backyard before stepping into dog poop. (I know, I know — my fault for not doing regular sweeps for land mines.) Anyhoo, I cleaned the affected boot as much as I could on the grass and came inside, leaving my boots on the rug in the sunroom for a bit intending to finish cleaning it up later. Fast forward to a few hours later when Caleb started to get sick in the living room. I herded him and we ran to the sunroom as fast as we could so he could get outside before he barfed. Well, we didn’t quite make it. No sooner were we in the sunroom than Caleb slipped on the wood floor, stumbled onto the rug and bleccccrrrrrrrgggggggghhhhhhhed right on and into my boot. The boot that didn’t have poop on it. The clean boot. I’m pretty sure the expletive I yelled is still bouncing around in space, I yelled so loud. Caleb then managed to make it outside in time to barf up about a teaspoon’s worth of yak on the deck. Meanwhile, about a gallon was soaking on and in my boot. Not to mention the splashback that hit the other boot.

I won’t even get into the expletives I yelled later that night when my cat Belle managed to projectile vomit off the side of the leather sofa and still hit the leather. At least I moved her just in the nick of time when she was going to be sick again, right after she went and sat on Coraline’s gym and began to gag. Just another night at home with the Lee pets, I suppose.

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Photoblogging: Snowy Day in Knoxville

Troubadour plays rope keepaway with Caleb.
Troubadour corners on a dime.
Standoff between the boys
Happy wonders why her little brothers are such dorks.
My little boy
Snow-covered trees
Snowy branches
Watching the snow from the screened-in porch.

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Photoblogging: Papillon in Snow

This is my best friend Caren’s dog, Willow, on a hike we took during our visit to Colorado in February. She’s at home in the snow. As hot as it is these days, I actually miss the snow.

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Monday Snowy Monday

Song Lyric of the Day:

Because when I arrive / I, I’ll bring the fire / Make you come alive / I can take you higher

Kevin Rudolf
(featuring Lil Wayne) / “Let It Rock

Despite having early dentist appointments this morning, today was a relaxing day off spent at home. Since we got up earlier for the appointments than we do even on workdays, we crawled back into bed as soon as we got home. By then, it was snowing pretty steadily, a lazy, wet snow. Even though we know there’s hardly ever any chance of having a genuine snow day that gets work canceled, we let our inner kids hope, especially since this is the most snow we’ve seen since moving back to Knoxville. Rich ended up giving up on napping in order to let the puppy out to play. Me, I popped in earplugs, did my best to tune out the sound of running, yapping dogs playing right above my bedroom, and slept until about noon.

Caleb, being the gentle priss that he is, has gone out as little as possible today, lest his dainty paws touch cold snow. Troubadour, on the other hand, has gone out repeatedly and even ate some snow off the deck. Meanwhile, their parents have puttered around the house dressed like Eskimos and wrapping themselves in blankets whenever downstairs on the couch. What can I say? Our old souls get cold easily (okay, that, and we turned the heat down a couple of degrees to help with energy costs).

I like that President-Elect Obama declared today a day of service in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I think it’s a great way to honor the memory of someone who helped pave the way for Obama to make history himself. As for my “day” of service, I’ve been attending Relay for Life meetings since November and am serving on the committee for the first time for the 2009 event. Raising funds to fight cancer is how I try to contribute to society; this will be my sixth year participating, my fourth as a team captain. (You can make a donation now for the 2009 Relay.)

A news clip today of a reporter interviewing locals about the snow truly brought a smile to my face. The reporter asked a little boy what he thought about the snow, and he replied that he thought since today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day that it’s a lucky thing that it’s snowing because it’s lucky to have snow on your day. What a sweet, pure thought if ever there was one.

The view from our driveway today.

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