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TV Hell Night

Song Lyric of the Day:

Is there something you’re not sure of / Are you looking for a sign / Are you waiting for some body / To throw your heart a line / Or a quick and easy answer

Paddy Casey / “Addicted to Company

Thursdays have long been my TV hell night. No other night of TV viewing even comes close. This has never been truer than during this current TV season. Not only do I keep up with three shows that air between 8 and 9PM, but I have five shows I keep up with that air between 9 and 10PM. And then there are the three that air between 10 and 11PM. I say “keep up with” because I can’t possibly watch all of them when they originally air. Thank God for the magic of TiVo.

So what to do to keep up with all my shows? (The husband would say, “Don’t watch TV and WRITE instead,” to which I would reply, “Soon, my dear — finale time is upon us. And remember that you watch six of those shows, too.”) Basically, I currently rely on my work VCR to take care of the overlap and record the shows I can’t watch at home — even though our TiVo has a double tuner, it’s working overtime on Thursdays.

For the record, these are the Thursday night TV shows I keep up with: Ugly Betty, My Name Is Earl, Scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy, The Office, 30 Rock, Supernatural, C.S.I., Without a Trace, ER, and Lost. My beloved TiVo takes care of all but three: I record Supernatural and ER at work and watch C.S.I. live on my bedroom TV.

ABC scores some serious cool points for offering all their shows online for free; should TiVo fail to record Ugly Betty, Grey’s Anatomy, or Lost, I can always count on being able to watch those shows online. NBC and CBS should take note: even The CW offers Supernatural‘s most recently aired eps for free online, while they offer only a handful of their shows online for free. However, thanks to MSN.com, I can now catch C.S.I.‘s most recent episodes online for free should I miss watching the show live; turns out they have dozens of current and canceled shows available for online viewing. (You can also watch some current, but mostly classic/canceled, TV shows for free at Hulu.com.)

Keep in mind that this week I’ve managed to work on my book, update my blog, take care of housework, and work on training the puppy on top of my day job. So I’m not a total couch potato. And now I’m off to take care of some grooming rituals since I have an audition tomorrow.

You know what I’m asking Santa for this year? A TiVo for my bedroom TV. Because there’s so much TV, and so little time.

*In honor of tonight’s TV-centric post, here’s a Supernatural promo shot. OK, it’s because Jensen Ackles is so pretty.

Photo courtesy of the awesome JRAUnlimited fansite.


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Signs I Watch Too Much TV

Song Lyric of the Day:

Yes I know things might seem hopeless now / But there’s joy to be found in this life / I know there’s joy to be found / But if you find it hold on tight

The Thrills / “There’s Joy to Be Found


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Filler Amidst Harry Potter Withdrawal

Song Lyric of the Day:
I don’t understand why it takes / So long for me to turn / So long for me to turn it off

Mando Diao / “TV & Me”

Okay, this Ausiello Report with Eric Kripke, the creator of Supernatural, makes me feel a *smidgen* better about the changes coming in season three. But he better not even think about adding a kid to the mix.

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An Open Letter to The CW

Song Lyric of the Day:

I see the bad moon arising / I see trouble on the way / I see earthquakes and lightnin’ / I see bad times today

Credence Clearwater Revival / “Bad Moon Rising


Dear CW,

We’ve been friendly acquaintances for a few years now, right? I say friendly acquaintances instead of full-on friends simply because, officially, you’ve only been around for a couple of years. Now, I’m friends with ABC, good friends with CBS (despite our disagreements), and best friends with Fox. I’m closest with Fox because, at 18 years old, The Simpsons have been with me for over half my life at this point. Impressive, I know. They’ve outlasted actual, real, 3-D, human friends. And, of course, Fox selflessly decided to introduce and share with the world the pretty that is Wentworth Miller. How could we not be BFFs after that?

But I digress. Since you arrived on the scene a couple of years ago, you’ve become something precious and endearing to me. I feel about you the way I imagine I’d feel toward a homeless Oompa Loompa — protective of its uniqueness and naivete, hoping and rooting for something better, something more to improve its lot in life. You know — work with what you’ve got. So it is with the most sincere affection that I humbly implore you: Please, please, please don’t fuck up Supernatural.

Admittedly, our relationship has been strained of late. You only had one of the few truly empowering, positive female role model characters of the last few years in the titular heroine of Veronica Mars. Kristen Bell really is just too cute for words, isn’t she? I mean, look at her — adorable! So what did you do with our much-beloved, clever, smart little miss Veronica? You threw her over for those haggish, talentless, often-mistaken-for-real-
live-emergency-floatation-devices The Pussycat Dolls. And then you didn’t have the balls to even admit you’d cancelled the show. (I’m talking to you, Dawn Ostroff!) Seeing commercials for repeats touting it as one of the best sh
ows on TV just makes it all better, though. I get a delicious, warm and fuzzy feeling in my heart. And then the still-white-hot rage shoves that feeling aside and flames shoot out my ass. I won’t even go into what Gilmore Girls fans are also no doubt still feeling over that show’s cancellation. They’ll show up with their pitchforks soon enough.

But back to my beloved Winchester boys, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles). I’ve watched Supernatural since day one. I’ve loved its X Files vibe, the way a particular story could be scary, eerie, funny, and unexpectedly moving all at the same time. I’ve loved the boys’ devotion to their father, John, who really did have the best of intentions, despite how Sam and Dean’s upbringing deprived them of so much. I’ve loved all the ups and downs in Sam and Dean’s relationship, with both brothers struggling in their interchanging roles as protector, follower, hunter. Hell, I even love Dean’s relationship with his Impala (the third, uncredited main character). But most of all I’ve loved the fact that the boys don’t have any romantic entanglements. Why? Because the very nature of what they do entails that they are always on the move, never settling down.

Which is why I am alarmed at the news that two new series regulars have been cast — two new female series regulars. As any fan of Supernatural knows, these boys should only be having casual sex and one-night stands, no serious relationships (at least not until the end of the series). End of story.

Recurring characters, I could deal with. I’d actually grown pretty fond of Jo, despite the obviously fated romance with Dean never crystallized. But series regulars? Are these girls — fellow demon hunters (cough) — going to be riding around in the Impala or what? They’ll just happen to turn up in the same exact spot in the country, at the same exact time, fighting the same exact demon/monster/spirit as Sam and Dean? They’ll turn into groupies and stalkers, following them from slaying to exorcism, to hell — literally — and back? Hell, any female fan can play that part. With all due respect, what the hell are you guys thinking? Just when the show truly, finally hit its stride in season two, and you go and set season three up like this?

Don’t get me wrong — I’ll still tune in to season three, fingers crossed but with hackles up. I’ll watch the season premiere and hope it maintains the creative quality of seasons one and two. Long story short, I’ll do my best to trust the writers and showrunners. And hope they send the chippies off to Canada in due time. I mean, surely the U.S. isn’t the only country in need of demon hunters, right?

I’m really hoping that the newest rumors (scroll down to “Procreative”) that Dean may have an 8-year-old son are false. Have you not been paying attention? Kids are never a good addition to a TV show (see: Moonlighting, Murphy Brown, every hell-spawned offspring on Desperate Housewives). There’s a reason babies on soap operas celebrate their 16th birthdays an average of four weeks after their much-hyped births. If this rumor turns out to be true, I don’t know what I’ll do. I enjoy watching Supernatural, not Two and a Half Demon Hunters.

At least you’ll always have my gratitude for having introduced me to my newest Fantasy Second Husband©, Jensen Ackles. (Jensen, Wentworth, Wentworth, Jensen.) That reminds me — my awesome, real husband may want to have a word with you, as well.


Your devoted Supernatural fan,

Patricia Sanchez Lee


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