The VLA’s "When I Am Through With You" — for Download!

I’ve ragged on MySpace before, but I will give it credit where it’s due: Were it not for MySpace, I never would’ve been able to contact the very accommodating Jason Rabe, lead singer for the VLA, to get the complete lyrics to their song, “When I Am Through With You.” Since the song is currently best-known as the theme song for Damages (which I love), people from all over are always landing on my blog looking for the lyrics (which I posted several months ago).

Lately I’ve also gotten some e-mails from people asking if I know where they can download the song (I’m not sure how well MySpace’s download function works), so I once again contacted Jason. Lo and behold, he sent me an MP3. He told me to enjoy blogging it, sharing it, posting it. So here it is. Enjoy listening to and sharing the song. And be sure to swing by the VLA’s MySpace page to say thanks.

UPDATED: I re-added the MP3 below since it appears to have been lost when I switched from Blogger to WordPress.

      When I am Through With You - The VLA

*If you have trouble downloading the song, click on the Email Me link in the left nav bar, and I’ll do my best to send it to you sometime this weekend.

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38 Responses to The VLA’s "When I Am Through With You" — for Download!

  1. Anonymous

    Cool, I have been looking for this song for a while. Thanks!

  2. Dayna

    Thanks you so much for the link, I always wanted this song.

  3. Afflicted.John

    Wow. In this day and age a simple Google string can take me to a free download? Good God…I must be dreaming! Thanks-you!

  4. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for this download! My friends and I LOVE this song and have been searching for it everywhere.

  5. Anonymous

    thank you. difficult song to find. love the show and the song.

  6. Anonymous

    Wow… I’ve been looking for this since Damages first season… I adore this song. What a cool guy, too, to give it to you to hand out! Thank you!!

  7. Anonymous

    THANKS! i had almost typed my fingers off searching for this song!!

  8. David T.

    Hey Pattie, this is so cool, thank you!! Where MP3 Rocket and Rhapsody failed me, you made dreams come true.

  9. Anonymous

    Great song. Your site is the only one in the world offering an MP3 version – not much you can do with a Flash file.

  10. abhishek

    thanks a ton!!
    been looking for it.
    absolutely rocking show… ain’t it?

  11. Anonymous

    Thanks so much for posting this! Love the song and it wasn’t on iTunes (??)

  12. Anonymous

    thanks to you and jason, impossible to find this song anywhere else!!!

  13. Anonymous

    I have been looking for this song everywhere could not find it. Thanks for providing it!

  14. Anonymous

    Hey there,glad someone was able to contact the band and was able to get a download of when I am through with you. Haunting lyrics with a great beat, stick in your mind all day. Chees fom Australia

  15. Mike

    Thanx for this grrrreat song. Love it, and love Damages!

  16. Anonymous

    Thanks!!!! Have been searching for this song for a long time!!

  17. Anonymous

    Great song – thanks Pattie. Hopefully The VLA will release an album soon.

  18. Cannond Al

    Thank you very much for this free download! The song is really great!

  19. Anonymous

    Thanks heaps for this song !!
    You're the best xoxo

  20. Anonymous

    Thanks for the song…

  21. Anonymous

    Superb blog, happy to see again this site repeately.
    Thanks and good day for You. Till next time.

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  22. Anonymous

    All the way from South Africa finally a person with the frikken song. Thaks a mil. Really Thanks

  23. Anonymous

    Thanks a lot.

  24. DragonVision

    Hi, would you send me the file to my email? please?

    I couldn´t download it from the link 🙁


  25. Anonymous

    Thanks so much for the song link! Have an awesome day:)

  26. Anonymous

    Thank You for the Song! I Looked Long and Hard … Then I Downloaded 3 Songs From the EP and Now I'm Happy!

  27. Anonymous

    Thank you so much for this – and many thanks to the band for allowing us to share this fantastic tune.

  28. Anonymous

    Beautiful! This song's so impossible to find, thanks so much!

  29. jillyp

    Pattie, thank you! Jason, thank you! I LOVE THIS SONG!

  30. Anonymous

    I've been waiting for it!

  31. Thomas

    I love Damages too, I finished watching the second season yesterday. I was looking for the theme song a while. Thank you for the post!

  32. Anonymous

    Hey, could you email it to me. I can't download it.

  33. Anonymous

    Thanks!! Gracias!

    I was trying to find this song for a while!! I love It!

  34. da

    why can’t i download the song? have you taken it down?
    if so, could you help me get it please? i love the song and the show… im a late follower though

  35. pat

    can you please email me the link to the song for download, there is a problem on your link? thanks

  36. elle

    looks like this link is broken? have you been asked to remove? ideas as to where i could get this song — or more of their material as would really like to check them out! thanks

  37. administrator

    Hey, everybody. If you’ve come here looking for the download and it’s not working, I apologize. Apparently Google Pages no longer exists, and that’s what I used to set up the free MP3. I’m in the process of trying to add it back to this post/my blog. In the meantime, if you email me, I can send you the MP3 that way. Just click the Contact Me tab at the top of the page for my email. Please put something about the VLA/the song in the subject line. Thanks! — Pattie

  38. dan

    Hello , please ,can you send to me the link to download MP3 – The VLA – ”When I through with you ”. Thank you in advance ! DAN.

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