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Halloween 2009: Jon & Kate Plus 8

Song Lyric of the Day

So turn it up and break it down / Come on bring that beatbox back / Tell me do you feel it? / So turn it up and break it down / Come on bring that beatbox back

The Sounds / “Beatbox

Rich and I don’t watch any reality TV. At all. Well, I watch ABC World News Tonight and CBS’ 48 Hours Mystery, but that’s not that kind of reality TV. And we once changed the channel to try and see what all the fuss was about Survivor; it was on a commercial break, so we watched the Subaru Outback ad airing at that precise moment, called it a win, and changed the TV back to a good old fictional show. Regardless of our aversion to reality TV, we both know all about about Jon and Kate and their eight. Hell, I think at least 85% of the free world knows about them at this point. But I digress. Long story short, it was really easy to talk the spouse into going as them for our friend’s Halloween party this past Saturday night. (All photos taken by Rich.)

And let me just say — I’ve never felt dirty buying a piece of clothing before. But that’s exactly how I felt buying that hideous Ed Hardy shirt at TJ Maxx. Although I’m pretty sure I didn’t feel nearly as dirty as Rich did wearing it. But I have to say, he did an admirable job being douchetastic the other night, asking all the women at the party if they wanted to “babysit” for him. Talk about getting into character. My boy did me proud.

*Yes, they actually make a Kate Gosselin wig.

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Photoblogging: Purple Monkey Troubadour

I don’t have a kid, but I do have a puppy. So guess who got dressed up for Halloween?


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One More Day Till Halloween … Silver Shamrock!

Song Lyric of the Day:

One of these mornings / Won’t be very long / You will look for me / And I’ll be gone

Moby / “One of These Mornings”

I felt compelled to change the name of this blog. While I may gripe about something now and then, I don’t want ranting to be the kind of thing that defines me.

Now, pop culture — that defines a big part of who I am. The way other people follow sports is how I follow the wonderful world of infotainment. I soak it up like a trivia-hungry sponge. Let it be said, though, that that is not all that defines me.

Halloween is upon us again. The hubby and I went to our friend’s annual Halloween party last night. We went as Puggsley and Wednesday Addams. We’d gone as the Addams siblings 4 years ago to a party in D.C., but our local friends hadn’t seen us as these characters. We didn’t feel like spending money on costumes this year, so it worked out that we still had our Wednesday and Puggsley outfits. We are not hosting trick-or-treaters this year, though. Not motivated enough to deal with kids ringing the doorbell all night and getting the dogs all riled up. Besides, I don’t want anyone ringing the doorbell and interrupting my appointment viewing of Desperate Housewives. Maybe next year we’ll host trick-or-treaters. We’ll see.

Right now I’m trying to adjust to daylight savings time. There is nothing I love more than gaining an hour of sleep, but it will take a few days for my mind and body to stop thinking it is later than it actually is. Also, I’m pooped from spending a large part of the weekend running errands.

I can only imagine how pooped I’ll be after flying to Las Vegas this Friday. I’ll be there for six wonderful days. No family visits, no obligations, just a vacation. More on that soon!

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