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The Beauty of Sleep

Song Lyric of the Day:

And now It’s always good / I fell asleep from day / And all the promises

Chemical Brothers featuring Hope Sandoval / “Asleep From Day

When Coraline was first born, she didn’t sleep well. It seemed like she actively tried to sleep as little as possible overnight. Of course, newborns can’t tell night from day, but still. No sooner had I finished nursing her than she’d wake up again in 20 minutes wanting to be fed again. And 20 minutes after that. And so on. Needless to say, this did not sit well with my former insomniac self. Bad late-night TV only got me so far.

Snug as a bug in the hospital.

A few months in (three, I think), she finally started sleeping for four-hour stretches. Me being me, this first time this happened I woke up in a panic thinking something was wrong. By then I was so used to being woken up by her that when she didn’t wake me up, I still woke up. So I still wasn’t sleeping well, keeping my bat-like hearing on high alert for even the smallest peep from her. Seriously — I used to wake up in our ranch house in Virginia from the cats walking on the carpet. In the living room. Bat. Like. Hearing.

Swaddle Pod!

And on she slept. She could finally tell night from day and soon started sleeping up to six hours at a time. But she did her best to average four.

No Swaddle Pod can hold my arm in!

Coraline really started sleeping well once she graduated from her bassinet to her crib at the start of this year. I think the combination of more space and a firm mattress made the difference. Or else Rich and I were snoring while she was in the bassinet in our room and she relished the peace and quiet her very own room afforded her. (I admit: I tend to shout/chirp/mumble in my sleep. The spouse loves that habit of mine. LOVES it. I’ll bet Coraline loved it, too.)

All this room, this firm mattress — so luxurious!

No more swaddling, no more bassinet. Just a sleep sack and a big crib. Soon, even longer stretches of sleep followed. And finally, a couple of days before she turned five months old, the magical proverbial switch flipped: She now sleeps through the night, going to bed for the night between 8 and 8:30.

Sucking her thumb while she sleeps on her tummy.

And yet her mommy still sleeps with both her ears open.


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Faves: Workout Playlist Songs

Song Lyric of the Day:

When I come through on the dance floor checkin’ out that catalog / Can’t believe my eyes, so many women without a flaw

Lady Gaga / “Just Dance

If you follow my Twitter stream at all, you’ll know that today I had very sore arms. Why is that? Because I’m trying to get back on track with my workout regimen. So last night’s overhead tricep extensions did a number on my upper arms. My abs are also feeling a bit sore today; I’m now up to 90 crunches, working my way back up to the 150 I used to do daily.

It’s not easy going, but I’m seeing results, and the spouse is seeing results, so that’s providing some good motivation. What really helps motivate me throughout my workouts, though, is a fun, fast-paced playlist. Here are my top 10 current favorite songs to listen to while working out.

“Give It 2 Me” by Madonna
She may be looking a bit scary these days (ahem), but this song gets my vote for favorite song on her album Hard Candy.

“Strict Machine” by Goldfrapp
This is a slightly slower song — although not by much — but it’s got a smooth, ethereal beat that’s great for establishing a pace when on the treadmill.

“Chelsea Dagger” by the Fratellis
Flat-out fun, much like the whole album Costello Music, one of my all-time favorites. These Scots know how to rock.

“Feeling So Real” by Moby
This is one of my all-time Moby faves, which also has a prominent place on my techno-centric workout playlist. Among the faster tracks on my playlist, I usually listen to this when I’m at my max speed on the treadmill.

“Ready Steady Go” by Paul Oakenfold
This is the song that makes me want to fly down the highway when driving. I blame The Bourne Identity.

“Song 2” by Blur
What do you need when you’re working out? A chorus of “woohoo” urging you on.

“Cobrastyle” by Teddybears
Used in countless TV promos, this song is as catchy as they come. Even if you can’t understand a lot of the lyrics.

“Setting Sun” by the Chemical Brothers
Noel Gallagher’s vocals helped make this the Chemical Brothers’ first number one song, kicking off a productive partnership that yielded other favorites, including “Let Forever Be.”

“We Are Rockstars” by Does It Offend You, Yeah?
This reminds me a bit of Daft Punk’s “Harder Better Faster Stronger” thanks in part to the synthesized vocals. And I admit — I had to track this song down after hearing it in the trailer for the new Fast & Furious movie. (See bonus video at the end of this post if you haven’t seen it yet.)

“Great DJ” by the Ting Tings
I love how the choreography in the video is so laid-back; it’s a nice contrast to how fast-paced the song is. Which is one of many reasons I love listening to this (among other songs by the Ting Tings) when working out.

*Here’s the trailer for Fast & Furious. Paul Walker’s so pretty. That’s all. He’s pretty. Really, really pretty. Sigh.

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