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My Funny for the Day: Business Time

While we were visiting our friends in Columbus recently, one night they asked if we were fans of Flight of the Conchords. “Frodo, Don’t Wear the Ring” has always been at the top of my list, but I think that … Continue reading

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Just Because: The Simpsons & Game of Thrones

Because absolutely nothing today is going how I need it to go and I fully expect to get home to a house full of dog accidents (A.M. storm = scared dogs who won’t go out), I thought I’d just post … Continue reading

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In Honor of Friday the 13th

Behold: All of Jason Voorhees’ kills from Friday the 13th Part 2 all the way through the 2009 remake. Enjoy!   (Hey, I’m a horror movie buff. What did you expect today?)

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“Waiting for the End” — Linkin Park

Things have been pretty stressful of late, for reasons I’ll try to go into sometime in the  next few days. But as stressful as things have been for me, they’ve been so much worse for some people close to me, … Continue reading

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On the days I get to work from home, I make a point to send Rich a cute video or picture of Coraline to help his workday go a little faster. These days Coraline is all about going outside, which … Continue reading

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My Sweet for the Day: Andrea Bocelli Sings Elmo to Sleep

As I wrote recently, Coraline has her favorite YouTube videos she likes to watch over and over. This one wasn’t on Coraline’s list, but it has become one of my favorites to watch with her. I love how sweet the … Continue reading

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My Happy for the Day: Nurse Caleb Checks on His Patient

Caleb has fussed over Coraline more than usual since she’s been sick. Fortunately for him, she loves the attention.  

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My Happy for the Day: “Do You?”

I first heard “Do You?” by Iffy the Bad Man a few weeks ago, and have only fallen more in love with it since then. There’s something about the song’s lyrics and sound that I just adore. For me, it … Continue reading

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My Funny for the Day: Fat Voice

I recently watched series one of the British sketch comedy Man Stroke Woman (of “man-cold” fame) via Netflix, and I loved it. This is one of my favorite sketches, and I think it’s a great example of the show’s style of … Continue reading

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